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Who are the Photo Organizers?

Welcome to The Photo Organizers, where you’ll find helpful photo organizing tips from Professional Photo Organizers across the globe!

We remember how we felt when we took those photos that we cherish the most. We remember all of the wonder, pride, and excitement we experienced when we view and share birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, vacations, and other special moments with ones that we love. Most importantly, we remember that our photos have the power to tell the stories of our lives, wordlessly and eloquently.

That’s why we created this space, where we can provide you with photo organizing tips and tricks to make the most of your photographic memories.

The Photo Organizers are a community of personal and professional photo organizers who provide assistance to people like you–people who feel overwhelmed with all of their photos and digital media. The Photo Organizers come from many different backgrounds–some are photo enthusiasts or professional photographers, others are professional organizers. You will even find direct sales consultants, retail store owners, senior moving specialists, personal historians, and more.

The goal of ThePhotoOrganizers.com is to help people like you start to feel more comfortable about organizing your photos–with help from Photo Organizers who do it every day for clients across the globe. You’ll find how-to’s, tips, tricks, tools, and support on tackling the ever-growing photography chaos our society is encountering with the push to digital.

The Photo Organizers are members of APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, a professional membership organization that provides support, tools, resources, and more to independent photo organizers to help them grow their business.

I would like to find a Personal Photo Organizer. Can you help?

Yes! If you are looking for someone to help you with your photo organizing needs, we encourage you to visit APPO.org, where you can search for a Personal Photo Organizer based on your location and specific needs.

I already help people with photo organizing. Can I become a member?

Yes! If you are interested in becoming a Personal Photo Organizer, we encourage you to visit our member section over on APPO.org to discover if membership is right for you. We provide, training, tools, support, and more to our member community of personal and professional photo organizers–and we’d love to have you!

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